Sunday, December 2, 2012

Wonderopolis is Coming to Town!

Phew! Report cards, parent conferences, and holidays have kept me busy and off the radar for awhile, but I just had to share this news...we are having an author visit with the writers from Wonderopolis this week!  That's right, Wonderopolis is coming to visit, and will share their "wonder processes" with the school.  My students in particular have been so pumped for this since we've been using Wonderopolis quite a bit this year as a great way to incorporate more nonfiction into our reading.  We have been preparing for their visit by creating our own "wonder jar", filled with questions about our current science unit on Earth's resources.  We have also been teaming up with our 5th grade buddies to create a "wonder" research project. Pics to come soon, in the meantime, check out our tweet!

Thanks for stopping by, Erin