Monday, February 18, 2013

Pinterest Anyone?

So, if you know me personally, you know I am obsessed with Pinterest.  Of course, my personal boards are filled with the things I love and find fascinating, but beyond my personal interests, Pinterest is a wonderful place for teachers to share with one another!  Tracy and I had talked in the beginning of the school year about how this type of sharing would be beneficial for our grade level teams, so we decided to create a Pinterest account for the school.  I created the boards for each grade level, as well as "shared" boards for similar grade levels, and the shared boards have been a hit!  The 3,4,5 shared board has become a great sharing resource, and it has created a space for all of us to contribute to without pinning things one at a time from each other.  Are you on Pinterest?  If you are, come follow us! If you're not on Pinterest, I urge you to try it out!  You don't need a Facbook account anymore, just an email address.  Hope you love it as much as I do! Thanks for stopping by... Erin

Spotlight FTE


  1. I'm so gad to have found another third grade blog Erin! I love getting teaching ideas from Pinterest! Thanks for sharing:)

  2. It is a great idea. I love seeing our inspiration! Thanks for facilitating the creation of our boards.

  3. LOVE this idea!! Thanks for sharing this idea - you've inspired me to set one up for our school too!