Saturday, March 2, 2013

OLW February: Moving Quickly

Ok, yes, this is a few days late.  But in my defense, our house has been swamped by the plague in the past 10 days.  Our little family of three has been diagnosed with varying combos of croup, ear infections, pinkeye, and strep throat in the past week and a half!  Throw in two nights of parent conferences, and well..I'm two days behind.  But it really got me thinking how time has been moving so quickly at this point in the school year.  It's the time of year where everyone feels the crunch, the push to get curriculum topics in before testing, to catch up with the pacing you're already behind, to follow up with the special plans you've put in place for kiddos.  It's a busy time for teachers, and I'm feeling the crunch too.  With just two weeks until our first round of tests, I know I haven't taught all the topics they will be tested on.  It's frustrating to have kids tested on topics they are meant to learn throughout the year, at just past the midpoint of the year!  I'm feeling the need to move as quickly as possible, but I do not want to sacrifice understanding for testing pressure.  So, I'm trying to strike a balance and stay the course, reminding myself that this happens every year and we all survive.  In moving forward though, I look forward to spring, getting out from under the weight of winter and moving on with my class.  In the meantime, we will keep moving forward as best we can!


  1. When you said "I do not want to sacrifice understanding for testing pressure", it reminded me of a quote that got me through this time last year...

    In the foreword of Donalyn Miller's, The Book Whisperer, Jeff Anderson states...

    "Out of fear of failure or pressures from outside our classrooms, we let go of the very strategies and routines that could make our students succeed at reading, thinking, and writing."

    It is so easy to let go...keep MOVING! It will be the authentic reading experiences that you have made time for this year that will prepare them...the joy, strategies, and discovery of reading will support them through all of these experiences! You are an amazing teacher!

  2. Tracy has said it much better than I! You are right, it is all about understanding:) If we are teaching reading in a variety of authentic contexts our students will be able to transfer that learning to "the test." Or more importantly real life!