Monday, April 29, 2013

OLW for April: On the Move!

Well, after things seemed dull and slow, many, many changes have come my way this month!  My husband just started at a new job, and I am moving to first grade next year after teaching third for 9 years straight!  I'm also heading back to my old school building, which I am very excited about.  I think the administration is going to suit me well, and I can't wait to get back with my old colleagues, many of whom are close friends.  On top of that, my son just turned 3 (can't believe it!) and my mom is retiring from teaching after several decades in fourth grade.   It's so funny how life can change in the blink of an eye.  At first, I was a bit terrified about first grade, but now I'm really excited.  I think it's going to be great!!  And, as my current team members pointed out in the middle of dreaded state testing last week, I won't have any more standardized tests in first, which takes a lot of stress away.  So, I'm thankful for the movements that are working in my life right now.  I'm glad my one little word is having so much power in my life this year!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

OLW: March- Moving Along...slowly

Have you ever seen the Disney movie Aladdin?  When the genie is introduced, he explains himself as having, "phenomenal cosmic powers!!! itty, bitty living space."  That little movie line came to me as I was thinking about how I'm feeling right now, as in "phenomenal brilliant ideas!!!! itty, bitty time/motivation."  Hmm, I need to get some motivational power on my side, because honestly, I don't feel like I've moved forward on anything lately.  (school wise anyway- my outdoor veggie garden space is looking great and my sprouts are shooting up nicely in the basement!)  But I am garnering strength to push on through this last nine weeks.  I need spring to come and get me moving again! Hope you are feeling motivated in your own corner of the world... :)